ZacWare and GoGrid Partner to Deliver Revolutionary Jentla Multisite CMS in the Cloud

Managing two to thousands of websites within the http://www.gogrid.com [GoGrid] cloud is easy with ZacWare's Jentla Multisite CM

San Francisco, CA May 11, 2009GoGrid, the Cloud Computing division of ServePath Dedicated Hosting and ZacWare, a leader in true multi-site CMS solutions, announced a new technology partnership to provide a product and service offering for organizations needing to host, manage and maintain 2 to over 10,000 individual websites from one central management system. Jentla, ZacWare's best-in-class multisite CMS based on Joomla, allows the development community to rapidly build, scale and maintain sophisticated websites, increasing profitability through efficiencies of Cloud hosting and CMS management in the process.

Deploying scalable, reliable applications from scratch in a cloud environment is a time consuming and expensive task. As a result, most organizations do not have the expertise or resources to deploy and manage multi-site content management systems cost effectively and according to industry best practices. With Jentla's platform in conjunction with GoGrid's cloud infrastructure, any organization can easily tap the enormous power of cloud computing for an affordable, "pay-as-you-go" site development infrastructure. Jentla's offerings provide rapid deployment, a dynamically scalable infrastructure to meet new site development demand, and require minimal resources using automated tools and one centralized management system for easy control.

To provide Joomla developers with maximum flexibility Jentla has three major configurations:

  • Full SaaS model - both the Jentla manager and their client sites are hosted with GoGrid
  • Blended model - the Jentla manager is hosted as a SaaS application on GoGrid and the managed sites are either self-hosted or hosted on GoGrid's cloud infrastructure
  • Self Hosted model - Jentla is self-hosted on a client's server and they host their sites themselves

Jentla and GoGrid's SaaS hosted solution gets customers up and running fast. In this model, the Jentla manager is hosted in GoGrid's cloud, allowing customers to choose whether they wish to manage their sites from Jentla's cloud environment (without changing their current site location) or import their sites into Jentla and host them with GoGrid. Either way, clients enjoy the benefits and scalability of Jentla with the flexibility of GoGrid's cloud hosting expertise.

"We have seen a tremendous and enthusiastic interest from the Joomla community and developers who are receiving requests for multi-site solutions as Joomla makes its way into the Enterprise. In the current economy, Jentla is the right solution for reducing costs and bringing the whole web presence under centralized control. The full SaaS Jentla offering on GoGrid, is the fastest and most economical way for a developer to build and launch hundreds of complex CMS sites and keep them under a centralized management system." said Damian Hickey, Founder and Director of Jentla. "GoGrid brings a track record of hosting and infrastructure expertise and has the industry awards to prove it. We look forward to working closely with them as this nascent market continues to take off."

"We've been impressed with what Jentla brings to the market and see a lot of growth happening in the enterprise sector of the cloud computing market, starting right here in Silicon Valley," said GoGrid CEO, John Keagy. "It's also a big reason we've expanded from traditional hosting to include a cloud architecture: customers want more flexibility, and that 'right now' scalable capability that GoGrid and Jentla provide."

GoGrid delivers portal-controlled servers for Windows 2003 and 2008, multiple Linux operating systems and supports application environments like Ruby on Rails. GoGrid is unique in cloud computing with the availability of 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows Server 2008; and was named winner of LinuxWorld 2008 "Best of Show" in August. Together, GoGrid and Jentla will provide joint cloud solutions that are elegant and bring power, control and scalability to business customers.

The first joint solution for Jentla on GoGrid will be available in Q2 2009. For details on pricing and different product options, contact GoGrid at 1-877-946-4743 or via live chat at www.GoGrid.com. You can also contact Jentla at 1-415-345-7773, email sales@jentla.com, or visit www.jentla.com .

About ZacWare

ZacWare is the new leader in true multisite content management system development. ZacWare delivers the right development and management platform, tools and expertise that enable companies to create scalable website development that are reliable, easy to manage, and affordable.

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Monday, May 11, 2009


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