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Block Storage

A high-performance, reliable solution that lets you easily store and attach data to a particular compute instance.

  • High-performance network architecture
  • Best price/performance storage option of any major cloud provider
  • Simplified pricing


Block Storage is charged per gigabyte (GB) per month for the volume that is provisioned. There are no additional charges for IO operations, or private network transfer, and charges are the same across data centers.

Block Volume Monthly Pricing
Per GB $0.12

Use Cases

Block Storage is built for speed and performance. Below are a few common use cases.

  • High IO apps
    Apps that require frequent interaction with raw, unformatted block-level storage and workloads, requiring frequent reads/writes and high IOPS.
  • Databases
    Primary storage for a database, especially true when you want to cluster databases, which requires shared storage.
  • Exchange
    Although Microsoft has made massive improvements to Exchange, the company still doesn’t support file-level or network-based (CIFS or NFS) storage, but only block-level storage.
  • NoSQL databases
    Cassandra, MongoDB, or other NoSQL database storage; storage for relational databases, web caching, and indexing.


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