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DC-to-World Connectivity (Cloud Bridge)

Cloud Bridge provides dedicated access to the GoGrid cloud from your infrastructure in the data center.

  • Redundant and reliable
  • Consistent network performance
  • Connect from anywhere


To ensure high-speed connectivity between your infrastructure and GoGrid, subscribe to a port on Cloud Bridge. Our straightforward pricing means you always know how much you pay every month, so you can send as much or as little traffic as you want through Cloud Bridge. Selecting the redundant option ensures high availability—you will pay for two ports, but you also get the increase in bandwidth.

Cloud Bridge Bandwidth Monthly Annual
Basic 100 Mbps $200 $2,000
Advanced 1 Gbps $300 $3,000
Elite 10 Gbps Chat with Us Chat Now Chat with Us Chat Now

Use Cases

GoGrid’s solutions let our customers be more nimble and effective. And with Cloud Bridge, you get access to the network connectivity to become a global competitor. Here are a few common situations in which you might use Cloud Bridge.

  • Cloud bursting
    Distribute processes from your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud and take advantage of the elasticity and scalability of our servers. GoGrid’s on-demand capabilities save you from paying VMware license fees or the cost of building out your cloud from scratch.
  • Big Data workload distribution
    Cloud Bridge enables high throughput private network connectivity fast enough to run distributed jobs from Big Data applications like Hadoop. This ability lets you easily replicate your data across Cloud Bridge or extend your cluster from your infrastructure to the GoGrid cloud. Launch elastic servers only when you need them on GoGrid while keeping your core data and application in your infrastructure.
  • Online backups / Disaster recovery
    With Cloud Bridge enabled, you can transfer data from servers outside GoGrid to servers in GoGrid to protect against potential server and data center failure.


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