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SQL Server 2012 Disaster Recovery

The new SQL Server 2012 Disaster Recovery Solution combines the failover and disaster recovery features of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012 Enterprise and GoGrid’s fault-tolerant infrastructure services.

  • Data sync across clusters and data centers
  • Database reliability
  • Integrate with other GoGrid services


Specific pricing will vary depending on your configuration. The proposed deployment consists of 4 Ultra Dedicated Servers (3 in the cluster and 1 as a passive secondary), 2 Medium Cloud Servers for Active Directory, and Cloud Link Basic. Promotional pricing includes a 10% discount on the Ultra Servers, a passive SQL Server 2012 license, and Cloud Link Basic free for 12 months.

SQL Server 2012 Disaster Recovery Promotional Monthly Fee
4 Ultra Dedicated Servers with SQL Server 2012 Enterprise
2 Medium Cloud Servers
Cloud Link Basic (free for 12 months)

Sample Configuration

Projects don’t exist in a vacuum, which means SQL Server is usually only one part of a larger project. Using our solution gives you the flexibility to meet specific project requirements while leveraging cloud elasticity to meet increased demand spikes. Here’s an example of what a SQL Server 2012 Disaster Recovery solution could look like. This example is designed to take advantage of SQL Server 2012’s AlwaysOn capabilities and multi-site failover. You’ll likely need additional Cloud Servers for the applications that access the database. Your solution may be different based on the needs of your business or application.


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