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Protect your cloud infrastructure from malicious threats with GoGrid's firewalls.

  • Cloud Firewall Service
  • Managed hardware option
  • Flexible to meet your needs


Firewall pricing is straightforward based on the type you select.

Firewall Type Monthly
Firewall Service Free
Cisco ASA 5510 security appliance $349.99
Cisco ASA 5510 – 2 SSL VPNs Included
Cisco ASA 5510 – IPS Module (optional) $500 / $300 setup

Firewall Service

GoGrid offers all customers an elastic, self-healing Firewall Service to protect their servers. You can define security groups that can be used globally and are designed to block traffic by default. And you can create security policies that allow traffic for particular services, ports, and addresses. You can find more technical documentation on the GoGrid wiki.

  • Central management
    Centrally manage your policies from GoGrid's management console or via the API.
  • Fully featured
    Define inbound and outbound policies. Dynamically edit or move connections to a security group. Predefined security groups make using the service quick and easy.
  • Global security groups
    Define once, use everywhere. Our security groups aren't tied to a particular data center so the policies you define can be applied globally. This setup greatly speeds deployment of the service and ensures protection for your infrastructure no matter where it’s located.
  • Highly available
    Designed to instantly recover from failure. You can be assured that your servers will be protected from intrusions out-of-the-box.
  • Fully integrated
    Use the firewall in conjunction with other GoGrid services as an integral part of the GoGrid cloud. For example, define a security group that only accepts web traffic from Dynamic Load Balancers.

Hardware Firewall

GoGrid offers a hardware-based firewall option: a single-tenant dedicated Cisco adaptive security appliance (ASA). To ensure high availability of a single-tenant hardware firewall, most customers run them in redundant pairs.

  • Cisco ASA 5510 adaptive security appliance
    Cisco’s ASA 5510 enterprise-class firewall stops attacks before they penetrate your network perimeter, making it an excellent, cost-effective, resilient security solution for your hosted Internet environment. This high-performance security appliance provides multiple integrated security and networking services, including robust user and application policy enforcement, multi-vector attack protection, and secure VPN services.
    • Dedicated hardware: Each Cisco ASA is tied to a single customer, so only your traffic goes to this device.
    • Trusted name: The Cisco name is synonymous with security and quality.
    • 100 Mbps throughput, burstable to 300 Mbps: Enjoy consistently high throughput access.
    • Redundant failover: If you purchase a second firewall, you can ensure high availability of your security infrastructure with redundant failover protection.

Use Cases

  • Firewall Service
    • Core protection: All security groups block traffic by default. Add policies to open up ports as you need them. Protect your servers from attack and control who can access them and from what ports.
    • Integrate with other services: Create security groups to restrict web traffic to just Dynamic Load Balancers. Track performance with built-in monitoring.
  • Hardware Firewall
    • VPN to secure traffic: Create secure connectivity from either your on-premises location or the Internet into the cloud. This approach ensures traffic sent is encrypted and protected from attackers.
    • IPS to analyze intrusion behaviors: Protect against malicious traffic, including worms and Internet viruses.
    • Protecting the network from malicious attacks: Use a firewall to block port access so attackers can't enter through a network backdoor.


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