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ServePath Networking Services

F5 Hardware Load Balancing


  • $99.99/month
  • $99.99 setup

Unlike software load balancers which can overwhelm the CPU, the F5 Big IP is built with an ASIC based hardware architecture that processes and forwards layer 2 through layer 4 traffic at wire speed to provide higher throughput for increased traffic performance. Unlike pure hardware load balancers, our solution runs unique software to handle the complexities of layer 7 traffic such as rate-shaping, ssl acceleration, and compression.

Hardware Specifications

Supported Load Balancing Algorithms



  • $49.99/month
  • $99.99 setup

Our KVM over IP service allows you to access your ServePath dedicated server's hardware BIOS or POST and lets you interact with the boot header, as if you had physical access to GoGrid's San Francisco data center and were standing right in front of your managed server with a keyboard, mouse and monitor. Our keyboard video mouse over IP service provides out-of-band access to the system keyboard, video and mouse functions, which ensures that you can quickly diagnose and resolve most server issues yourself.


Fast Ethernet


  • $199.99/month
  • $199.99 setup

When you need the ultimate in scalability and connection speed greater than our standard 100Mbps, ask for a Gigabit connection (1000Mbps). Gigabit connectivity is an available option on all ServePath dedicated servers and high-availability server networks. Burst caps on Gigabit connections are determined by the customer's bandwidth usage and commitment.

Private VLAN


  • $99.99/month
  • $49.99 setup

A back-end private network, which will ensure your ServePath dedicated servers or load balanced server networks can quickly and securely communicate. Best of all, server traffic that traverses the Private Server Network will not be counted toward your data transfer or bandwidth allotment.

Private Network Sample Uses


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