Managed Backup Service

GoGrid’s Managed Backup Service works seamlessly with our technology and is designed to make backup, archiving, verification, and recovery of files and applications as easy as possible.

  • Managed service covered by our 24/7 Support team
  • Easily find and recover lost or damaged files
  • Scalable from a single server to a system containing hundreds of servers
  • Perfect for disaster recovery and business continuity, with data archiving for up to 7 years


GoGrid’s Managed Backup Service starts at just $50 per month to enable backup on a single account plus $5 per month per installed server agent (per machine being backed up). Volumes are backed up to Cloud Storage on your account, and current Cloud Storage rates apply as long as those volumes are being stored.

Pricing Example

A customer has a single server in GoGrid’s US-West-1 data center with 10 GB of data that will be backed up to Cloud Storage. The monthly charges would be calculated as follows:

Service Monthly
Managed Backup Service $50 to enable the service
Server Backup $5 to enable backup on 1 server
Cloud Storage $0 (the first 10 GB are free)
Total $55

Use Cases

GoGrid’s Managed Backup Service is ideal for these use cases:

  • Multi-cloud managed backup
    Customers that want to extend GoGrid’s Managed Backup Service to multiple clouds, data centers, or even to their on-prem environment can easily do so. Employing a multi-cloud strategy ensures resiliency by allowing for easy transition of workloads from one location to another and is a vital part of business continuity planning. Our Managed Backup Service is designed to enable backup from servers across multiple service providers like AWS, Rackspace, and even your on-premise environment in addition to GoGrid.
  • Simple backup
    Simple, automated backup of server data and file systems to storage within a data center. Eliminate tapes that have the added risk of getting lost or stolen and have unreliable recovery.
  • Compliance
    Specific verticals such as healthcare require robust data redundancy and disaster recovery plans due to government regulations. As of the launch of this service, data archiving for up to 7 years meets the requirements for both HIPAA and PCI compliance.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
    Businesses running mission-critical applications rely on high data availability and limited downtime or recovery time in the event of a disaster.


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